Probity: noun: prō-be-tē:
The quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency.

We offer tour, retail, e-commerce, ticketing and high quality licensing services worldwide and continually strive to provide the experience and penetration of majors whilst offering the hands on service you would expect from independents.

Probity listen and work in professional partnership with both our new and established clients to commercially and ethically achieve their goals without sacrificing quality. Through this process, our in house Probity design team create attention to detail, bespoke and innovative products that are tailored specifically to our music artists/band.

Probity also offers a VIP/Corporate gift service, working with you to design and source unique and appropriate artist and company branded VIP gifts and packages ensuring you get the best possible product within budget.

For more information on Probity and enquiries regarding our services, please contact us.